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General Rules & Conditions

General Rules & Conditions

When ordering your ticket you must agree with the general conditions. If you do not agree, you won't be able to buy a ticket.

The organization reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who arrives after the check in hours stated above, even if they have a valid ticket.

Anyone entering the festival site must review these regulations and accept and comply with the conditions. If any of the terms of these general conditions are not followed access will be denied/refused without refunding the entrance fee.

On arrival at the festival site every person must be in possession of a valid ticket. One ticket is required per person and will only be valid on the day of the festival where indicated on the ticket.

The minimum age to enter the festival is 16. People who were born in 2001 will be granted entrance, even if they turn 16 after the festival. This is a strict policy and nobody who is born in 2002 or later year, even if accompanied by an adult, can enter the festival.

Anyone caught forging entry tickets or any other special admission in order to access the festival site will be prosecuted without exception.

All ticket holders, or those issued special admission by the organizer, enters the festival site at his or her own risk releasing the organizer from any liability, including theft and accidents.


The entry ticket or pass is neither exchangeable nor refundable by the organization.

A valid ticket must be shown upon entering the festival site.

The organizer and/or the official ticket vendor reserve the right to check the identity of all those who attend the festival. You must be able to provide a valid ID if requested by a member of the security or crew. If you are not able to show a valid ID, access to the festival can be denied without the right to refund the entrance fee.

A valid ID is an international identity card or a valid driver license. Copies will NOT be accepted. The surveillance law is applicable here.

Access to the festival site is prohibited or refused to people who:
- Are clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other stimulant.
- Have been banned from festivals before, imposed by either the organizer or the administrative or legal authorities.
- Are believed to show intent to disturb peace or to provoke such a thing by inciting assault, hatred, rage, etc.
- Resist the control and non-systematic search by the festival's security guards and security services.
- Refuse to declare objects that are considered to be dangerous or off-limits by the festival's security services (see article 7).
- Act in violation of the provisions of one or more articles of these internal regulations.

All ticket holders, or those issued special admission, who wish to enter the festival site must submit to the ticket or special admission validation. It is possible that you will be searched on entering the festival site.

The security guards can ask all ticket holders, or those issued special admission, of the same sex to voluntarily submit themselves to a superficial inspection of clothing and luggage, in order to detect objects that may, when brought to the festival site, disrupt the course of the festival, jeopardize the safety of other festivalgoers and disturb the peace. The security guards reserve the right to confiscate these objects.

Access control is based on the applicable law for this purpose aimed at tracking weapons or dangerous items. If these items were to be present on the festival premises it could have a negative impact on the smooth operation of the event or jeopardize the safety of the festival visitors.

What's not allowed?
It is forbidden for all ticket holders, or those issued special admission, presenting themselves at the entrance to the festival, as well as those present on the festival site to bring, have somebody else bring or be in possession of the following objects:
- Own drinks or food, bottles, glasses, drugs or stimulants and the like.
- People who require nutrients or medication for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes) must be in possession of a medical certificate.
- Deodorant or perfume in big bottles or sprays (cosmetics which are a normal shape and size are allowed - max. size 50ml).
- Any apparatus (umbrella, sunshade, tripod for (video) camera, cane) considered dangerous by the security services to other festivalgoers may be refused.
- Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form.
- Inflammable products or materials and sprays.
- Pyrotechnical objects such as Bengal lights etc.
- Any weapon or dangerous, sharp or bruising object which could be used in such a way (sticks, chains, stabbing or thrust weapons and the like).
- Banners or items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods.
- Every item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods.
- Making fire is prohibited.
- Everybody who enters the festival site agrees to comply with the general conditions.

Access to the festival site will be denied to everybody who does not follow these rules. Animals are not allowed on the festival site.

What's allowed?
- Guide dogs for people with visual disability.
- Simple disposable or pocket cameras.
- Folding umbrellas without pin (no parasols).
- Plastic and blankets to sit on.
- Sunscreen lotion and cosmetic products (max. 50ml), deodorant (only roll-sticks, no spray cans).
- Small backpacks or bag.
- Refreshment water in a sprayer.

On the festival site it is strictly forbidden for ticket holders or those issued special admission to:
- Try to access restricted sections or to be in sections of the site which are restricted, in accordance to their entry ticket or special admission, such as production rooms, artists' lodges, neutral and VIP zones, press rooms, offices, backstage, etc.
- Climb tents, constructions, fences, closures, lighting columns, tables, benches or any other infrastructure of the site.
- Obstruct entrances, exits and evacuation routes and/or to linger at these locations any longer than strictly necessary for entering or exiting the site.
- Disguise themselves to avoid being recognized, to disturb the peace and to compromise the safety of the general public.
- Sell drinks, food or any other products without the express consent of the organizer.
- Throw or shoot with any object or liquid or any other product in loose or gaseous form.
- Smoke in the non-smoking areas.
- Urinate in public.

All vehicles that are on the site must be equipped with a sticker, issued by the organization. Offenders will be towed at the expense of the offender.

Texts, symbols, images, gestures and obscene language inciting racism, xenophobia, provocation and discrimination are forbidden at the festival site.

Festivalgoers must heed the directions of the organizer or those people appointed or mandated by the organizer at all times while on the festival site. Failure to comply will lead to removal from the festival site. If necessary, the organizer may call on the police.

The ticket holder agrees to adhere to the conditions imposed by the organizer in relation to peace and safety during the event.

Festivalgoers who are removed from the festival site for any of the aforementioned reasons will be denied access to the festival site for the remainder of the festival, even if they are in possession of a new entry ticket or special admission.

In the case that the organizer denies somebody access to the festival site, the former is entitled to divest that person of his entry ticket and to deny that person further access in order to prevent that person from trying to enter the site. If the organizer has that person removed from the site, the former is not obliged to refund the ticket.


For safety reasons the organizer reserves the right to:
- Interrupt or stop the festival.
- Provisionally keep the festival visitors on the site at the end of the festival.
- Totally or partially vacate the site.
- Deny access to the site regardless of the possession of a valid entry ticket.

The organizer may be forced to alter the program or the timetable of the festival. In this case the entry ticket remains valid and is neither exchangeable nor refundable.


In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on 'The protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data, modified by the Act of 11 December 1998 transposing Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data' the festivalgoer is informed that the organizer is collecting data because of security reasons and processes these in a database. This law regulates the processing and the right to consult personal data. The organizer can use the personal data obtained by purchasing the entry ticket for promotional purposes. All personal data of these records are according to the regulations of the law of 8/12/1992 on the protection of privacy.

By attending the event every person gives their express consent to the fact that he or she may be photographed and filmed and that these images can be registered and stored. This includes any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording. The organizer can use these pictures and footage to promote the festival. These pictures or footage can be used by the organizer too. Registering and storing these images by the police and/or organizer also takes place with the aim to ensure the security and safety of festivalgoers and the enforcement of and compliance with the safety regulations on the festival site.

The processing of the images aims to prevent crimes and violations to these internal regulations and act as means to identify, track down and facilitate sanctioning the perpetrators.

Pictures or movies made by festivalgoers on the site may not be used for commercial or public purposes, unless with written consent from the organizer.

The recreation area De Lilse Bergen, where the festival takes place, is situated in a nature area. That's why we would ask all festival visitors to make sure the festival site stays as clean as possible.

The collecting points for garbage on the festival site will be clearly indicated. Use these points to dump your cups. You can also find garbage containers at the car park. Please use them as much as possible.


Every year we invest a lot of effort and manpower in decorating the festival area, which contributes to the total 'Festival Experience'. Therefore we ask each and every one of you to show some respect for all the decoration. People who disobey this and tear down any of the decorations will be accompanied to the entrance and re-entry will be strictly forbidden.

- Do not buy your ticket on the street. It may have been forged. Only buy your tickets from the authorized sale channels.
- Access to the festival site can be denied at all times by the organization.
- Festival tickets cannot be used for commercial or promotional reasons without prior permission from the organizer.
- Festival tickets cannot be resold. Festival tickets that appear to have been resold will not be valid and will not grant the holder access to the festival.
- The organizer and/or the official ticket vendor reserve the right to invalidate festival tickets as soon as they notice that festival tickets have been resold in spite of this ban. Expenses arising from such cancellation will be recovered from the buyer. It is forbidden by the law to resell a ticket in order to make a deal of profit (law of 1 July 2013 - fines up to 60.000 EUR). A third buyer will never be allowed to enter the festival.
- Line-up changes are no ground for a full or partial refund of the festival ticket.
- Forgery of a festival ticket or bracelet is liable to prosecution.
- The organizers and/or the official ticket vendor reserve the right to check the identity of all festivalgoers.


The festival is recorded. You might be filmed. By arriving at the festival you give the organization silent approval to multiply, exploit and broadcast these images/photos.

At the festival site there will be camera surveillance (according to the law of 21 March 2007).

Photo and small video cameras are allowed at the festival.

You are not allowed to distribute flyers or posters during the festival, nor on the street or the festival ground.
More info:

Zero Tolerance drugs policy

Bass Events operates a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs; the festival is drug free!
It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of drugs on the festival site. If you are caught using and/or dealing drugs or if you are found in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the festival site. We will keep an eye out to make sure that everyone adheres to this rule.

Before you enter the festival site it will be possible for you to dispose of any drugs you may have in special drug amnesty bins, without any further consequences.

If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. We can only allow these specific medications if you can present a valid medical certificate at the entrance.

Everyone must follow the instructions of security and crew at all times. If you are in suspicion of a prohibited offence at the festival site security will be allowed to search; if you refuse an inspection, access to the festival site will be denied.

Official Bass Events merchandise is only available on the festival site.

There won't be ATMs available at the festival. At most of the drink/food ticket desks you will be able to pay with a Maestro card. It is possible to pay by card at the ticket vending machines. Make sure to bring enough cash.

Lockers will be provided at the festival at an extra cost. You will be able to access your locker throughout the entire duration of the festival.

People with disability

Bass Events goes to every effort to make the festival accessible for people with a disability. We have paid a lot of attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings:
- Special reserved parking spaces are available upon proof of a valid blue parking card.
- At the main entrance an alternate cash register will be provided.
- Guide dogs are allowed to the festival site. Make sure they are easily recognizable.
- Adapted toilets are situated in locations all over the festival.
- The accessibility of the festival site is guaranteed thanks to the wooden floors.

Should you wish to make use of the aforementioned facilities, have a handicap and are facing problems to which you can't find a solution, or if you would just like some more information about this issue then please send an email to

Crowd surfing prohibited

Just like all big festivals in Europe, crowd surfing is prohibited. Removal from the festival site in the event of non-compliance with this rule will be the logical outcome. The grounds of this choice were very clear to everyone after the initial year when this prohibition was in force. People in the front rows are finally able to enjoy once more what is happening on stage and no longer have to protect their heads and limbs at all times. It is a great deal safer and more agreeable for everybody and the risk of injuries is significantly lower.

Safety corridors
As in the previous years, constructions are mounted in front of the stages to increase the comfort and safety of the festivalgoers. Being a pioneer in this regard is demonstrated by the fact that other big festivals in Europe have also started applying these systems. The safety corridors are made of a sturdy construction consisting of freestanding barriers allowing the security people and the aid organizations to conduct necessary evacuations or interventions pretty far into the crowds without actually having to disturb the rest of the audience. They are positioned in such a way that they also absorb part of the forward and lateral pressure from the audience.

The floor
Mud and slippery conditions must be avoided. Hence the open-air stage is fitted with a sturdy floor.

Loss or damage

The artists and the organizers of the festival cannot be held accountable for damage, loss or theft nor for any other accident.


Contact the European Consumer Centre Belgium:

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